About us

About us


SERTI’s Dairy Warehouse Management System is the North-American standard for cold room efficiency in the Dairy Industry with over 20 plants from the Top 5 Industry Leaders currently running the system. SERTI’s system integrates real-time inventory control capabilities, material handling equipment and automation solutions specifically designed and developed to meet the strict requirements of combined fluid milk & corrugated dairy plants. Full product traceability from production to loadout allows compliance with FDA regulations.

At SERTI, we understand the dairy business and can help design your new facility or optimize your plant layout to guarantee results - after all, it's what we do!


  • 1975 Les Services Serti inc. founded by Jean-Marc Thibault
  • 1995 First implementation retrofitted into existing cold room - Marigold Foods in Cedarburg
  • 1999 SERTI attains IBM Premier Business Partner Status
  • 2002 Survey commissioned by IBM finds SERTI ranked top in customer satisfaction with 86%.
  • 2015 SERTI celebrates its 40th anniversary


  • #1 solution in Dairy Warehouse Management with:
    • 20 running sites - making SERTI the #1 market share leader.
    • 40 man years of R&D and $7M invested to make our solution Dairy specific
  • We understand the dairy business and can help design your new facility. We have tools and access to historical data to build models that will optimize your layout and guarantee your results.
  • We are not a software vendor. We are a solution vendor. We get involved at the very beginning of a project.
  • We specialize in fluid milk plants.
  • With our experience we can help design your facility.
  • All our projects have been 100% successful. Our customers are extremely satisfied.
  • Our solution is proven, over and over.

The SERTI Dairy WMS solution is developed for perfect control over dairy industry cold room operations, and is THE solution to increase your business’ profitability, simplify and reduce your employees’ daily workload and control your daily production requirements.