we're the automation experts

SERTI has the solution to automating your manufacturing processes so you can get the most from your equipment and meet future challenges head-on.

You know better than anyone how important precise automation procedures are to your company’s profitability. So do we, and that’s why our team of engineers has a single goal in mind: to find the best solution to make your automation project a success. We combine our skills, knowledge, and experience to boost your future performance. 

Every solution is unique and customized

We understand that every automation project is unique and requires a custom solution. That’s why we work in close cooperation with you to clearly grasp all the subtleties of your project. You can count on our engineering team’s creative, innovative, and visionary spirit to thoroughly analyze your current situation, identify your objectives, and, especially, design and integrate the best automation solution for you.

Precise projects, perfect procedures, astounding results

The key to successful automation is the extreme precision of every component – production equipment, operation sequence, control units, real-time data, application software, etc. – and how they interact. We always go the extra mile to make sure every one of our actions, decisions, and solutions is the best it can be to guarantee you the results you expect. You’ll see attention to detail in everything we do.

With SERTI, everything is precise and crystal-clear.

A personalized approach for unique solutions