SERTI Dairy WMS integrates a paperless Warehouse Management System

...with automated material-handling equipment found in your existing cold room. It guarantees low operating cost, reliability and high availability for 24/7 operations.

  • Eliminates paper (cost & handling)
  • Improves pick accuracy by scanning bar codes
  • Improves pick efficiency by 20 to 25%
  • Significantly reduces overtime related costs
  • Produces “Clean Invoices” from pick transactions
  • Eliminates clerical work of reconciling pick sheets for invoicing or producing credit notes to correct picking errors
  • More flexibility for last minute changes
  • Adjust inventory with RF units by cycle counting without affecting picking plan and while production is running
  • Dispatcher prepares, simulates against real-time inventory and releases truckloads electronically
  • Allows for immediate invoice printing, reducing A/R cycle
  • ASN-ready for Walmart
  • Eliminates double-entry with separate handheld devices to service ASN customers

Real-time inventory

  • Avoids taking physical inventory each day
  • Improves production planning with accurate inventory levels at any time during the day - produce only what you need to fill the day’s orders
  • Better production planning improves “Fill Rates” to nearly 100% on produced product
  • Better inventory control improves by-product purchasing
  • Better “Fill Rates” reduce costly second deliveries
  • Better “Fill Rates” improve customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Warns of “Near Limit” code dates in inventory and reduces cooler dumps