comply with fda regulations

FDA’s Food Bioterrorism Regulation for establishment and maintenance of records requires dairy plants to maintain accurate records and availability of immediate previous and immediate subsequent recipients of food.

SERTI meets these requirements with minimum labor inputs by accurately tracking product lot numbers and expiry date by location when finished products are in the cold room and by ship confirmations when products are delivered to customers. Identifying where a specific SKU is located in the cold room (by lot number and expiry date) or which customer received the product can be done in minutes.

Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) - Customers are demanding more and more that vendors provide Advanced Shipping Notices electronically to improve their receiving accuracy and performance. SERTI's Dairy WMS is designed to meet these requirements by uploading to the Corporate computer system detailed picking information by SKU, lot numbers, expiry date and pallet license plate (bar code label) for every pallet shipped to a customer.

the most efficient way to trace your coldroom operation

  • Fully integrated cold room control system, from production to shipping.
  • Pallet barcoded license plates & ASNs.
  • 100% compatible with Direct Store Delivery operation.
  • Substantially reduces back orders and product wastage by controlling stock rotation.
  • An on-line/real-time inventory system combined with operation statistics allows the production schedule to perfectly fit the requirements.
  • Control Product from production to coldroom storage and shipping.
  • Synchronize all material handling equipment to send picked products in their proper sequence all the way to the loadout doors & trucks.
  • Electronic truck Load Preparation.
  • Radio Frequency transactions: Picking in all areas, Putaway to random storage or Pick Face locations, Count/Inventory/Adj. Cycle, Loadout, Receiving