Why choose SERTI

ROI - An Independent study conducted by a major US Dairy concluded that the DMS solution delivered the best ROI for a Customer driven DSD Operation.

All our customers justify
their investments mainly on ROI

  • Reduction of manpower (cooler, cooler office, administration)
  • Reduction of workmen compensations
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved picking accuracy
  • Pallet barcoded license plates & ASNs
  • Cost of second deliveries due to short shipments
  • Administration (office and cooler)
  • Customer satisfaction with improved shipping accuracy and fill rates
  • Reduced product wastage
  • Better production planning
  • Taking of physical inventory
Why choose SERTI

Some interesting facts reported by various customers:

  • Product waste less than 0.01%
  • 100% fill rates on their manufactured products
  • Picking & shipping accuracy at 99.9% and still improving
  • Reduced second delivery costs by $800/day
  • 1 year ROI by implementing DMS in their facility
  • Achieved 74% of projected savings after six months and reduced out of stock and short on load by 76%